exclusive art for the home or office.


By focusing on the animal kingdom with a wry smile and cartoon style with a blend of photography and digital know-how, Graham Smith has created a collection of affordable, deeply stylish, youthful and energetic artworks to be enjoyed by a wide audience.


In other works he focuses on pop culture icons.

Born in 1974, Staffordshire. Now living on the Isle of Wight.

Ever since Graham was a young boy he always had a love and fascination for animals. He remembers biking to his Great Grandmothers with his brothers and always stopping to look and talk to the sheep in the fields they would pass along the way.

Graham has always been a keen photographer with an artistic flair. Suffering from anxiety for many years, creating artwork helps him to relax and he finds it very therapeutic.


"I like to escape into a world of unlimited possibilities when I create my work"

Wanting to combine both his love of photography and wildlife he created his first piece and after much soul searching decided to to get it printed onto canvas.

Despite his initial reservations and lack of confidence, Graham received fantastic and very positive feedback.

This made him realise that he had an opportunity to turn his passion for both photography and digital painting, along with his love of animals into a brand that would appeal to a wider market.

His first step was to approach animal sanctuaries and charities who were keen to sell his work. This went extremely well and much needed funds were raised in addition to which his artwork was slowly appearing across the country in people's homes and offices. 



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